Thursday, April 20, 2017

updating information.

HI there,

we are still on air and we found some useful info for you.

If you want to travel to Kalymnos and find difficulties in finding flights.
Go here and start backwards. This site contains all the carriers that fly into Kos airport from ....... yep maybe your country.
Search engine like flight tracker might not give you always the cheapest solution.
So go to the flight carrier and see what they offer you, it is often cheaper.

when you click on the above link, a page will open with some info about Kos airport. Scroll down and find a table with all carriers flying into Kos airport from places around Europe. Click on the carrier of your choice and the page to their bookings site will open and you can book a flight.
How easy can we make it for you?

We hope you find now easy your direct and cheaper flight.

And here you will find all the other info for making your trip to Kalymnos easier.

Thank you and see you soon.

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