Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kalymnos and her dolphins

Here is finally a new post.
In this i want to share with you the possibilities of watching dolphins.
Yep, as you see there is so much to do here on and around our little Island.

Since 4 years we are spotting them on a regular base.
A small pod of dolphins.

We have them on the northwest side and on the south side of the island.
It are actually two different groups. Mostly having 4 to 9 members.
Since last year the group has 2 new members. They gave birth, one in april 2013 and one in april this year.

The dolphins can be spotted between May and October and often they come close to beaches like Emborios, Kalamies and even to the Telendos Side.

It is a big pleasure to have them here. Just remember, watch them, dont disturb them to much and protect.

Welcome in our sea.

This is who we are……

We are the common bottlenose dolphins. (Tursiops truncatus).

We live from the sea and eat fish, squid and octopus.

We are not dangerous but would like it if you let us swim around.

Since april we have a new member in our group, our newborn dolphin, that makes us 6 now.


Enjoy our presence………..

We are the most regular visitors around here.

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