Tuesday, November 5, 2013

kalymnos is the spot to be

It has been a while to write something here.

But here is some information you need to know.

Kalymnos is the place to be, as many of you know.
Is it not for climbing, then for a lot of other reasons i mentioned before in older posts.

But lets talk about the climbing;
There is a lot going on for this. We try to make things better and better.
New routes, organizing a real rescue team etc etc.

We have busy periods and not so busy periods. This is al depending on weather and holidays of your side.

The most busy periods are May and Oktober.
May; because its the first change to get some decent weather and there are some early holidays. The first flights are starting and the also the charterflights are getting on their way. This is the period that a lot of climbers find their way to Kalymnos.

October; because it is the end of the summer. The weather and conditions are perfect for a late in the year climb. Even a swim after climbing is possible. Your last change to get a glimpse of the sun before the winter starts. A last school holiday in Europe and the last flights are finding their way to Kos/Kalymnos.

And here it comes; everybody wants to be here during those periods. Kalymnos get loaded with thousands of people. And many of them didnt book not even their accomodation in advance. Neither they can find any means of transportation. lots of people complain to us, that there is not enough (space, transportation or whatever).

Here is the free tip; there are other months in which you can climb under perfect conditions.June is simply very good. During summer holidays; Take your family with you and combine climbing with quality holiday time. September is a very good month and there is just the half amount of people around here. Dont forget November; its even better then October. Ok there are not so many flights anymore but you can find your way over Athens ( not more expensive). There is less people and much more space (accomodation and transportation) on the crags. The weather was even better then in October in the last years.

It is al up to you.
But my advice for 2014; book in advance your means to have  a nice holiday and not to spend days of looking around for rooms and transportation.
Book in advance means; if you know it in June, why to wait with making bookings untill a few days before October starts.

We see you soon on Kalymnos.