Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kalymnos winter climbing

Kalymnos winter climbing; in the period 22 December till 5 January

We were looking for you for the possibility to visit our beautiful island for climbing during Christmas time.
We looked for possible flights and connections.

We found out that;
-You have to fly to Athens and from there you make your connection to Kos or Kalymnos by flight (in order not to waste to much time by ferry).
-Aegean airlines provides the best prices and the best straight connections between some airports in your country and Athens. With them you can also fly to Kos.
-If you fly on a bank holiday (Christmas day) it will be much cheaper.
-The period of holiday is 2 weeks in europe.

-We looked for departure airports like; Prague, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, London (which is extremely expensive), Vienna, Amsterdam.

-Airports like; Zurich, Madrid and Oslo where not possible for Aegean Airlines.

-Return flights to Athens had the average cost of about 300-400 euro per person.

-Iberia and Air France can even be cheaper.

-Return flights Athens- kos are about 172 euro, with Aegean airlines.

Next to Aegean airlines is Alitalia the cheapest but you have always an extra stop in your connection to Athens.

So now you know this, you probably want to know if it is worth it to come. Maybe because of the weather.

See here the history of our winters;, you can search on every year if you want.

Is there anything open during the winter period?

You can always find a place to stay but hotels like plaza and so are closed. Some other studios and apartments are open for winter period.

There might be a few restaurants open and for sure a minimarket in masouri. For the rest it is quiet and peaceful.

How is climbing during this period.

The sectors are super, although you have to find maybe the right spot, because of some cold wind. Other sectors, which are too hot during the normal season, can now be suddenly surprising inviting to you. It is happening that you will be happy to climb there in the sun. the south side of Telendos with its multi pitches and crystal cave for example. Or what about a full day of climbing in Arhi and Seaside Kitchen. Many other sectors which you left on the side in the normal season, can now be climbed all day long. So new challenges are waiting for you.

So grab your stuff and a very good book and come over to relax.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Travel information

Travel information

How to get to your final destination on Kalymnos.?

When you land on Kos by plane, take a taxi (they are always there) and let it bring you to Mastichari. There you can find at the quay, in little kiosks, the boat tickets for the ferry boats to Kalymnos, Pothia.

Once you arrive in the harbour of Pothia you can take a taxi which can bring you to your final destination. It might be a good idea to order a taxi when you are on the boat to Kalymnos. Call 0030-022430-50300 and they will give you a number of the taxi which will be waiting for you in the port of Kalymnos.

Boat companies for the transfer from Kos to Kalymnos

Anem (Apollo, 45 min.) Pothia-Mastichari v.v

Kalymnos Star, 20 minutes travel, Pothia-Mastichari v.v

Schedules are changing all the time for this service, check it out on the websites provided.

A perfect webiste for ferry schedules is the next one;

When you decide to travel to Athens and then to take one of the big ferries to Kalymnos, then check this sites.

You can make a booking online.

The travel time will depend on which company you take.

By Airplane;

When you land in Athens and you need to take a flight to Kalymnos or Kos, look at this sites and make a booking.

For a flight to Kos: or

From the airport of Kos you can take a bus or a taxi to Mastichari.

For a flight to Kalymnos;

There is not a bus connection from the airport to Massouri. Only taxi is the possibility to get to your final destination.
More airport info at the numbers;
tel; 003022430-59370

During season periods Mai till October, charter flights from different countries will fly to Kos Airport;

for Swiss;

for Austria;

for Germany; and

for Holland;

There are also low-cost carriers which fly to Kos, starting before season periods.It is worth to take a look at them.
For both above mentioned, i make a suggestion; to find your nearest departure airport, start to look first on Kos airport (airport code KGS) then all the destinations will be shown.