Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some good news about Greece.

Some good news about Greece.

Many of my friends ask me if it safe and ok to travel to Greece. Of course it is.

Let me explain it to you.

The last months we had the something going on in Greece. They called it; Crisis.

I have to admit, that there were some problems in the economic situation here. But it was not only the fault of the Greeks. The Banking system and the EU are also to blame. They excepted the situation back then as good and almost forced Greece into the EU. Just so greedy to expand the borders of the EU.

Now in economical difficult times, the EU banking systems made mistakes by their investments and loans. They blame the countries like Greece, Spain and some more for it.

They put up some rules in order to control the damage. But those rules are hitting the Greek people hard. They have to suffer and get much less money for their pension, have to pay more taxes and so on.

What does this mean for tourist destination as Greece?
Well before the Greeks protested against those rules. Wouldn’t you do this in your country if they would cut you so much income?

But now the Greeks formed a new government and they fight for existents.

For tourists and the tourist sector is nothing to fear. Everybody is welcome, more than ever.

No one will harm nobody, no tourist will be ripped of. Strikes, even if they occur, will be not affecting tourism.

Believe me, if I tell you, that you will not notice much from what is going on, when you visit Greece as your holiday destination. Maybe in the big cities on the mainland, you will feel it.

But for sure not on the islands.

The islands still have their magical character of hospitality and beauty.

So let me show you some FAQ’S and answers:

IS it safe to travel to Greece for holiday?
Of course it is, it was like this and will stay like this.

Do I have to bring a lot of cash with me?
No you don’t. ATM machines are working normally and you still can pay with credit cards.

Do I have to fear strikes?
No you don’t. And if they occur they are not affecting your trip.

How are the Greeks towards Germans?
Like they are to all people from all over the world. You are a guest and they treat you very well.

Why I read so much negative publicity in the press?
The press is just out for sensation but they never write what is true. The reporters never came here to taste what is true.

So you mean I can come and spend my holiday in relaxed atmosphere?
Of course you can, and I invite you to do so. Greece is number one in hospitality and will be this forever.

You just have to trust me and see for yourself.

Have a great holiday when you come here.