Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you ever been in paradise?

This is the change to do this.

We take you it and it’s called Kalymnos, a little pearl in the Greek sea.

Just imagine yourself, being dragged back in time, on a idyllic island, with sun, blue waters and good life. Hanging around in places so tranquil, so relaxed, so on your own.

Is it boring? Go out to the more busy places and find yourself in an atmosphere of people which know how to live.

Take yourself on a photo tour. Just shoot and shoot photos. The camera is your basic equipment for this journey in Paradise. The old style houses, the nature and the most amazing sunsets of the whole world you can find here.

Go around by any mean of transportation, stop wherever you like and walk around. You can feel the vibes of being welcome everywhere. There are places in this Paradise where you can hear only one sound, the buzzing of insects.

And then, after your day of exploring, imagine yourself, sitting on a balcony with a nice cold drink in your hand and looking at your photos you took that day. The photos, so full of colors and so inviting to go again and again. And when you drive around again, you will see so many other things, you didn’t see it the other day.

Paradise is waiting for you.

There are daily connections from Athens to Kalymnos with Olympic Air.
During the season daily charter flights to Kos and then a ferrie connection to Kalymnos
Cheaper flights with Ryanair and easy jet to Kos.
We see you soon!!!!

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