Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greek islands and scooters.

Greek islands and scooters.

It is a unforgettable combination. It is the perfect way to explore. It is something you will remember.

On Kalymnos it is even a hobby of our visitors. Climbers from all over the world get some wheels to go to the climbing areas and after that to their favorite spots for relaxing.

A scooter is almost a must on this island, otherwise you don’t come that far as you wish. And there is so much to explore as well.

Tourists are getting the wheels to have fun in another way, just touring around and see the different spots or reach for other beaches.

The freedom on a scooter is so great, so special. You can get easy to places you want to be and there is almost no problems with parking.

But in my opinion I should also warn you. Driving a scooter is not always that safe. You should have a good experience to handle a scooter. You must drive responsible as well. And you must behave responsible as well. Don’t think you are on a greek island and then you can do whatever you want to do. I see sometimes parents, they let their kids drive. The youngest one I saw, was only 4 years old. For me this is nuts!!!!

There are many accidents where there tourists on scooter involved. Also among the locals there are many accidents when they drive on something with 2 wheels.

Let the owner of the rental business advise you; if he thinks that its better you will not drive a scooter, then respect his opinion. There are some they don’t advise you, they just want to take your money, they don’t care about what happens to you.

Renting a scooter means, having fun. We as owners are doing our best to keep it that way, so help us to use a scooter in a respectful way.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you ever been in paradise?

This is the change to do this.

We take you it and it’s called Kalymnos, a little pearl in the Greek sea.

Just imagine yourself, being dragged back in time, on a idyllic island, with sun, blue waters and good life. Hanging around in places so tranquil, so relaxed, so on your own.

Is it boring? Go out to the more busy places and find yourself in an atmosphere of people which know how to live.

Take yourself on a photo tour. Just shoot and shoot photos. The camera is your basic equipment for this journey in Paradise. The old style houses, the nature and the most amazing sunsets of the whole world you can find here.

Go around by any mean of transportation, stop wherever you like and walk around. You can feel the vibes of being welcome everywhere. There are places in this Paradise where you can hear only one sound, the buzzing of insects.

And then, after your day of exploring, imagine yourself, sitting on a balcony with a nice cold drink in your hand and looking at your photos you took that day. The photos, so full of colors and so inviting to go again and again. And when you drive around again, you will see so many other things, you didn’t see it the other day.

Paradise is waiting for you.

There are daily connections from Athens to Kalymnos with Olympic Air.
During the season daily charter flights to Kos and then a ferrie connection to Kalymnos
Cheaper flights with Ryanair and easy jet to Kos.
We see you soon!!!!