Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ten reasons why to visit Kalymnos

Ten reasons why to visit Kalymnos

1. The island has a wide range of diversity in landscapes. Around every corner you will have a different view. Every village in each landscape has his own atmosphere.

2. The peace and harmony of the island is perfect. There are places not far from your hotel, where you will think that you are the only one on the island and two steps later you can feel the dynamic life of the greek lifestyle.

3. The extraordinary cuisine of the island. Tasteful homemade dishes, presented with the love they made it. A huge range of dishes, for everybody something to choose.

4. An island for activities. For the guests who wants to do things during the holiday. It is world famous for its climbing. But also for hiking, bicycling and water sports.

5. A small island, so no overpopulated beaches. We have beautiful sandy family beaches. And there are secluded and hidden beaches for the ones who wishes to be the “only lonely” there.

6. Exploring the small satellite islands of Kalymnos. Within ten minutes or 40 minutes you will be on another small island and you can explore it in your own time.

7. The well know hospitality of the Kalymnians. Once you have been here, they will never forget you. Even if you come again in 5 years time, they will recognize you.

8. The perfect climate to visit the island throughout the whole year. Note that even in winter you can have perfects days, it will feel like summer and you can swim and even get a suntan.

9. So many sightseeing’s, that a week of holiday will not be enough to see it all. Old ruins, monasteries’ and museums. The island has a great history in sponge diving.

10. And for the young and restless, the dynamic nightlife which gives you a glimpse in getting out and have fun.

As you see, reasons enough to visit Kalymnos.