Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kalymnos winter climbing

Kalymnos winter climbing; in the period 22 December till 5 January

We were looking for you for the possibility to visit our beautiful island for climbing during Christmas time.
We looked for possible flights and connections.

We found out that;
-You have to fly to Athens and from there you make your connection to Kos or Kalymnos by flight (in order not to waste to much time by ferry).
-Aegean airlines provides the best prices and the best straight connections between some airports in your country and Athens. With them you can also fly to Kos.
-If you fly on a bank holiday (Christmas day) it will be much cheaper.
-The period of holiday is 2 weeks in europe.

-We looked for departure airports like; Prague, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, London (which is extremely expensive), Vienna, Amsterdam.

-Airports like; Zurich, Madrid and Oslo where not possible for Aegean Airlines.

-Return flights to Athens had the average cost of about 300-400 euro per person.

-Iberia and Air France can even be cheaper.

-Return flights Athens- kos are about 172 euro, with Aegean airlines.

Next to Aegean airlines is Alitalia the cheapest but you have always an extra stop in your connection to Athens.

So now you know this, you probably want to know if it is worth it to come. Maybe because of the weather.

See here the history of our winters;, you can search on every year if you want.

Is there anything open during the winter period?

You can always find a place to stay but hotels like plaza and so are closed. Some other studios and apartments are open for winter period.

There might be a few restaurants open and for sure a minimarket in masouri. For the rest it is quiet and peaceful.

How is climbing during this period.

The sectors are super, although you have to find maybe the right spot, because of some cold wind. Other sectors, which are too hot during the normal season, can now be suddenly surprising inviting to you. It is happening that you will be happy to climb there in the sun. the south side of Telendos with its multi pitches and crystal cave for example. Or what about a full day of climbing in Arhi and Seaside Kitchen. Many other sectors which you left on the side in the normal season, can now be climbed all day long. So new challenges are waiting for you.

So grab your stuff and a very good book and come over to relax.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Travel information

Travel information

How to get to your final destination on Kalymnos.?

When you land on Kos by plane, take a taxi (they are always there) and let it bring you to Mastichari. There you can find at the quay, in little kiosks, the boat tickets for the ferry boats to Kalymnos, Pothia.

Once you arrive in the harbour of Pothia you can take a taxi which can bring you to your final destination. It might be a good idea to order a taxi when you are on the boat to Kalymnos. Call 0030-022430-50300 and they will give you a number of the taxi which will be waiting for you in the port of Kalymnos.

Boat companies for the transfer from Kos to Kalymnos

Anem (Apollo, 45 min.) Pothia-Mastichari v.v

Kalymnos Star, 20 minutes travel, Pothia-Mastichari v.v

Schedules are changing all the time for this service, check it out on the websites provided.

A perfect webiste for ferry schedules is the next one;

When you decide to travel to Athens and then to take one of the big ferries to Kalymnos, then check this sites.

You can make a booking online.

The travel time will depend on which company you take.

By Airplane;

When you land in Athens and you need to take a flight to Kalymnos or Kos, look at this sites and make a booking.

For a flight to Kos: or

From the airport of Kos you can take a bus or a taxi to Mastichari.

For a flight to Kalymnos;

There is not a bus connection from the airport to Massouri. Only taxi is the possibility to get to your final destination.
More airport info at the numbers;
tel; 003022430-59370

During season periods Mai till October, charter flights from different countries will fly to Kos Airport;

for Swiss;

for Austria;

for Germany; and

for Holland;

There are also low-cost carriers which fly to Kos, starting before season periods.It is worth to take a look at them.
For both above mentioned, i make a suggestion; to find your nearest departure airport, start to look first on Kos airport (airport code KGS) then all the destinations will be shown.

Monday, August 20, 2012




 best sunsets
 your private dolphin "show"
 super snorkeling and diving
 amazing panoramas
 coolest beach bars
 delicious fruits
 scooter island tours
 clearest waters
amazing kalymnos

Photos and information;

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some good news about Greece.

Some good news about Greece.

Many of my friends ask me if it safe and ok to travel to Greece. Of course it is.

Let me explain it to you.

The last months we had the something going on in Greece. They called it; Crisis.

I have to admit, that there were some problems in the economic situation here. But it was not only the fault of the Greeks. The Banking system and the EU are also to blame. They excepted the situation back then as good and almost forced Greece into the EU. Just so greedy to expand the borders of the EU.

Now in economical difficult times, the EU banking systems made mistakes by their investments and loans. They blame the countries like Greece, Spain and some more for it.

They put up some rules in order to control the damage. But those rules are hitting the Greek people hard. They have to suffer and get much less money for their pension, have to pay more taxes and so on.

What does this mean for tourist destination as Greece?
Well before the Greeks protested against those rules. Wouldn’t you do this in your country if they would cut you so much income?

But now the Greeks formed a new government and they fight for existents.

For tourists and the tourist sector is nothing to fear. Everybody is welcome, more than ever.

No one will harm nobody, no tourist will be ripped of. Strikes, even if they occur, will be not affecting tourism.

Believe me, if I tell you, that you will not notice much from what is going on, when you visit Greece as your holiday destination. Maybe in the big cities on the mainland, you will feel it.

But for sure not on the islands.

The islands still have their magical character of hospitality and beauty.

So let me show you some FAQ’S and answers:

IS it safe to travel to Greece for holiday?
Of course it is, it was like this and will stay like this.

Do I have to bring a lot of cash with me?
No you don’t. ATM machines are working normally and you still can pay with credit cards.

Do I have to fear strikes?
No you don’t. And if they occur they are not affecting your trip.

How are the Greeks towards Germans?
Like they are to all people from all over the world. You are a guest and they treat you very well.

Why I read so much negative publicity in the press?
The press is just out for sensation but they never write what is true. The reporters never came here to taste what is true.

So you mean I can come and spend my holiday in relaxed atmosphere?
Of course you can, and I invite you to do so. Greece is number one in hospitality and will be this forever.

You just have to trust me and see for yourself.

Have a great holiday when you come here.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greek islands and scooters.

Greek islands and scooters.

It is a unforgettable combination. It is the perfect way to explore. It is something you will remember.

On Kalymnos it is even a hobby of our visitors. Climbers from all over the world get some wheels to go to the climbing areas and after that to their favorite spots for relaxing.

A scooter is almost a must on this island, otherwise you don’t come that far as you wish. And there is so much to explore as well.

Tourists are getting the wheels to have fun in another way, just touring around and see the different spots or reach for other beaches.

The freedom on a scooter is so great, so special. You can get easy to places you want to be and there is almost no problems with parking.

But in my opinion I should also warn you. Driving a scooter is not always that safe. You should have a good experience to handle a scooter. You must drive responsible as well. And you must behave responsible as well. Don’t think you are on a greek island and then you can do whatever you want to do. I see sometimes parents, they let their kids drive. The youngest one I saw, was only 4 years old. For me this is nuts!!!!

There are many accidents where there tourists on scooter involved. Also among the locals there are many accidents when they drive on something with 2 wheels.

Let the owner of the rental business advise you; if he thinks that its better you will not drive a scooter, then respect his opinion. There are some they don’t advise you, they just want to take your money, they don’t care about what happens to you.

Renting a scooter means, having fun. We as owners are doing our best to keep it that way, so help us to use a scooter in a respectful way.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you ever been in paradise?

This is the change to do this.

We take you it and it’s called Kalymnos, a little pearl in the Greek sea.

Just imagine yourself, being dragged back in time, on a idyllic island, with sun, blue waters and good life. Hanging around in places so tranquil, so relaxed, so on your own.

Is it boring? Go out to the more busy places and find yourself in an atmosphere of people which know how to live.

Take yourself on a photo tour. Just shoot and shoot photos. The camera is your basic equipment for this journey in Paradise. The old style houses, the nature and the most amazing sunsets of the whole world you can find here.

Go around by any mean of transportation, stop wherever you like and walk around. You can feel the vibes of being welcome everywhere. There are places in this Paradise where you can hear only one sound, the buzzing of insects.

And then, after your day of exploring, imagine yourself, sitting on a balcony with a nice cold drink in your hand and looking at your photos you took that day. The photos, so full of colors and so inviting to go again and again. And when you drive around again, you will see so many other things, you didn’t see it the other day.

Paradise is waiting for you.

There are daily connections from Athens to Kalymnos with Olympic Air.
During the season daily charter flights to Kos and then a ferrie connection to Kalymnos
Cheaper flights with Ryanair and easy jet to Kos.
We see you soon!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ten reasons why to visit Kalymnos

Ten reasons why to visit Kalymnos

1. The island has a wide range of diversity in landscapes. Around every corner you will have a different view. Every village in each landscape has his own atmosphere.

2. The peace and harmony of the island is perfect. There are places not far from your hotel, where you will think that you are the only one on the island and two steps later you can feel the dynamic life of the greek lifestyle.

3. The extraordinary cuisine of the island. Tasteful homemade dishes, presented with the love they made it. A huge range of dishes, for everybody something to choose.

4. An island for activities. For the guests who wants to do things during the holiday. It is world famous for its climbing. But also for hiking, bicycling and water sports.

5. A small island, so no overpopulated beaches. We have beautiful sandy family beaches. And there are secluded and hidden beaches for the ones who wishes to be the “only lonely” there.

6. Exploring the small satellite islands of Kalymnos. Within ten minutes or 40 minutes you will be on another small island and you can explore it in your own time.

7. The well know hospitality of the Kalymnians. Once you have been here, they will never forget you. Even if you come again in 5 years time, they will recognize you.

8. The perfect climate to visit the island throughout the whole year. Note that even in winter you can have perfects days, it will feel like summer and you can swim and even get a suntan.

9. So many sightseeing’s, that a week of holiday will not be enough to see it all. Old ruins, monasteries’ and museums. The island has a great history in sponge diving.

10. And for the young and restless, the dynamic nightlife which gives you a glimpse in getting out and have fun.

As you see, reasons enough to visit Kalymnos.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter is almost over

 all of you in the cold out there.
How was your winter? White and cold? Well cold it was, here too.

Kaymnos is slowly getting ready for the season of  2012. There is working activity around in Masouri.
We have good feelings about the coming up season.

Soon the planes will come to Kos and will leave tourists behind and many of them will find their way to Kalymnos.
Kalymnos is the destination to be. Everything is in an easy range to get. By foot, bicycle or scooter.
First people expected for Easter and then... let them come.... till end of October or even more.

Food, relaxing, sun, beaches, boats, sports, name it we have.

See you soon, on Kalymnos