Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kalymnos 2012

It is been a while ago I wrote on this blog.

But here I am again with some info for 2012.

Planning your holiday in 2012 on Kalymnos? Here are some tips and info.

For the sportspeople under us. Like the climbers, hikers and others.

Kalymnos welcomes you the whole year through. Those activities don’t have any restrictions concerning “tourist times”. Kalymnians will always provide you with a place to stay, some restaurants are open. So you can have a normal holiday life in the winter months.

During spring and autumn the island gets busier and also the weather is nicer to do those activities. Easter is always a very nice period to visit the island. During Orthodox Easter you can join the locals in their festivities.

If you think that summer might be too hot for activities, then you are a bit wrong. Early morning hours and late afternoon hours are so perfect to do your activities. From May till end of November we add all kinds of water sports to the daily routine. Diving, snorkeling, boating and even an annual swim, crossing from Masouri to Telendos, Beach volley contests, in September an annual Climbers festival and much more.

If you visit the island as a summer tourist, the island offers you a full package. Relaxing, activities, sightseeing’s, good food and much more. At some beaches you can take a canoe and go where ever you want. Kalymnos is an authentic island, the real atmosphere of Greece. Exploring the island is possible by bus, taxi, car, scooter or bicycle. So don’t forget to bring your (international) drivers license. For the rest, just bring a good mood and Kalymnos gives you the rest.

If you are planning to visit kalymnos and you still have many questions, you can always send me an email and ask what you want.

Have a good time.