Friday, November 4, 2011

Kalymnos since half september 2011

This time it is like a little journal about the time period in the aftersummer.
Lets start around the 15th of September when low season prices are coming in again. Most of the normal tourists are gone and climbers are taking over the island. It is like loading an island with good energy, people who are willing to do something. We are thankfull to all those people that they discovered this island and the possibilties for them to enjoy all the good things this island and their people can offer to them.
You will never here me saying that is was too busy. But i was amazed about the ammount of people coming to visit this island and coming for climbing.
Beginning of Oktober it was even more people and they still came and came. Rooms, hotels and tavernas got full and still more people came. Perfect situation of course for an island in the after season , where other touristic island are closing down. We are so happy with all those people. This situation lasted untill about the 20th of oktober.
Just now it is slowing down. Should i say "finally"? Of course not. I am happy with every period in this touristic season, sometimes we are busy and sometimes we have more time to do our own things.

Their is a little thing i want to inform you about and it is coming out in the little story above.
Book your rooms, rentals or whatever you might need in advance. I see the disapointment in the faces of people, which come year after year, that they cannot find their favorite room to stay or use their favorite rental, because they are full booked.

Use the tip for your next trip to Kalymnos.

See you with the next post.