Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kalymnian aftersummer

We are halfway September right now and the weather is perfect. On Kalymnos you can have from now on a perfect aftersummer. In daytime there is possibilities to get a nice suntan and in the evening it cools down nicely, just enough to get fresh for the next day. Also there are lots of possibilities for activities, like bicycling, hiking and trekking. After this it’s time to relax on a nice beach with a good taverna and delicious food. This period can last until half of November, with a possibility of day with rain in between.

The nature starts to recover from the hot summer, so also for this it’s worth to wander around on our beautiful island. The seawater is nice and warm and it is inviting you for long swims or snorkeling.

September is a good month for the fisherman and this will be shown in the taverna’s, where they have fresh fish on the menu. Try also the local dishes in several different villages and be surprised how tasteful food can be.

Kalymnos is a pleasure to visit it. Don’t hesitate, it will fulfill al your needs, young or old.