Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer life

Did you ever wanted to visit a real greek island? Well you just found it here. Kalymnos.
Summers are great here, life is great here and when you come for a holiday, you can get a bite of it and taste the real life.

On Kalymnos you will feel the stress of your daily routine slipping away from your shoulders. Take a deep breath and let Kalymnos take you on a tour of its ritme. Once you lived the Kalymnos Experience, you will be infected with "relax virus" and you will never forget it.

Where ever you go on Kalymnos you will feel the hospitality of the people. The serene atmosphere of the area's you visit. Open up your mind for the daily routine of Kalymnos and you will drift around.

Kalymnos is not a popular destination for holiday makers but Kalymnos is visited by thousands of people every year. Amazing enough it can happen that you will still feel you are the only person who is visiting the island. either you found your own beach or just by driving on the roads of Kalymnos, even during the most busy times. And when you meet other tourists you will be surprised by the variety of nationalities. Visitors from over 30 countries explored already before you the island.

Besides of this relaxing life here, Kalymnos can offer you also some exitement, some activities.
Its more then worth it to explore the history of Kalymnos. Visit the museums about the  history of sponge diving. Explore the castles and ruins of the old times.
Explore the island from below the watersurface or from the watersurface.
We have diving schools here, they will take you to the most beautiful places down below.

They can take you for wreack diving or just to explore the caves under water.

Ever thought of going around Kalymnos and having fun with some watertoys? Also this is possible. Imagine yourself on the turqoise blue and cristal clear waters around Kalymnos, while a skipper brings you around.

Well, if you are still not convinced about Kalymnos, then there is only one option left for you. come and see yourself.