Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kalymnos Culinair

Once you arrived on Kalymnos, you will ask yourself; What about food, where to eat?
Well to start easy, the Greek cuisine is delicious on its own. There is a big variety of dishes to choose.
Of course it depends where you are, mainland or Islands but the variety is immens all over Greece.
Lets speak about Kalymnos.
All over Our island you can find a restaurant to fullfil your needs for good food. I can not give you some names but i will try to explain it anyway.
If you are looking for home made local food, you can visit in Emborios at the end of the village, in Armeos (next to Masouri) or in Ellise square. The dishes are are delight and prepared with lots of love.
If you visit Palionissos, you will meet for sure the owner of the only taverna, he makes the dishes himself.
In Masouri and Pothia you can find a variety of Tavernas from where you have or find all kinds of dishes. There are places where they have fresh good quality of fish or great tasting pizza's. In Melitsagha you find the best fish tavernas of the island. I dont want to forget to tell you that when you are in Vathis, you can find a lot of tavernas around the port, great meals and great atmosphere, you will think by yourself; I want to stay here forever. And our beautiful island of Telendos, on the boulevard, there are so many different kind of tavernas. There are no scooters or cars there and the food and atmosphere are great, you must try it out.
Let me give you a nice advice. Sometimes it is so wonderful to order only from the starters a mix of food. Especially when you are with some friends. Then you have lot of small bites to taste the great stuff they serve on your table.
You have to try the salads as well, always fresh and a nice starter to begin with. Try the Mermezelli, it is a local salad with the dry bread you can only find on Kalymnos.
One of the main dishes you must try is the Mouri, it is lamb from the oven, mainly it is made only during Easter but in some local tavernas you can find all year around, a delight.

Together with your food you have to have a drink of course. In the restaurants they offer you the greatest tastes of wine. But dont underestimate the simple Retsina or Ouzo. Great stuff.

So my tip is: find a nice place, enjoy the view while waiting for your dishes and then KALI OREKSI!

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