Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winters in Kalymnos

Hello Bloggers,
this time i share with you how the winters are in Kalymnos.

A winter on Kalymnos is an experience on itself. From November till the end of March we have the most beautiful periods and the weather can change from rainy days to almost high summer. In December and January we even have a period of 2 weeks with bright sunny warm days.
Kalymnos in the winter can be a good escape from the cold in the North of Europe, is easy to reach with direct flights to Kos and Kalymnos can give you the little break you needed so much. Even for a long weekend away, Kalymnos is in a good reach for the most of you.
Kalymnos in the winter is a green island, herbs and flowers are all over the place.
Maybe it seems like a bit desolated in the tourist center Masouri but if you look well around, there is always a good place to satisfy your hunger and a nice place to sleep.

Let me show you by some photos, how it is here in winter.
Just only for the beautiful view in winter.

A climbing day on the 7th of January

On Telendos in february.

Very good quality food in Pothia

And believe it or not but this is on the 11th of March. The sea is even good to take a swim and i am taking my moment to relax.....
As you see, nice winters we have. But dont worrie, it can rain as well and sometimes it will be cold also.
See you next winter on Kalymnos??????

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