Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kalymnos 2012

It is been a while ago I wrote on this blog.

But here I am again with some info for 2012.

Planning your holiday in 2012 on Kalymnos? Here are some tips and info.

For the sportspeople under us. Like the climbers, hikers and others.

Kalymnos welcomes you the whole year through. Those activities don’t have any restrictions concerning “tourist times”. Kalymnians will always provide you with a place to stay, some restaurants are open. So you can have a normal holiday life in the winter months.

During spring and autumn the island gets busier and also the weather is nicer to do those activities. Easter is always a very nice period to visit the island. During Orthodox Easter you can join the locals in their festivities.

If you think that summer might be too hot for activities, then you are a bit wrong. Early morning hours and late afternoon hours are so perfect to do your activities. From May till end of November we add all kinds of water sports to the daily routine. Diving, snorkeling, boating and even an annual swim, crossing from Masouri to Telendos, Beach volley contests, in September an annual Climbers festival and much more.

If you visit the island as a summer tourist, the island offers you a full package. Relaxing, activities, sightseeing’s, good food and much more. At some beaches you can take a canoe and go where ever you want. Kalymnos is an authentic island, the real atmosphere of Greece. Exploring the island is possible by bus, taxi, car, scooter or bicycle. So don’t forget to bring your (international) drivers license. For the rest, just bring a good mood and Kalymnos gives you the rest.

If you are planning to visit kalymnos and you still have many questions, you can always send me an email and ask what you want.

Have a good time.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Kalymnos since half september 2011

This time it is like a little journal about the time period in the aftersummer.
Lets start around the 15th of September when low season prices are coming in again. Most of the normal tourists are gone and climbers are taking over the island. It is like loading an island with good energy, people who are willing to do something. We are thankfull to all those people that they discovered this island and the possibilties for them to enjoy all the good things this island and their people can offer to them.
You will never here me saying that is was too busy. But i was amazed about the ammount of people coming to visit this island and coming for climbing.
Beginning of Oktober it was even more people and they still came and came. Rooms, hotels and tavernas got full and still more people came. Perfect situation of course for an island in the after season , where other touristic island are closing down. We are so happy with all those people. This situation lasted untill about the 20th of oktober.
Just now it is slowing down. Should i say "finally"? Of course not. I am happy with every period in this touristic season, sometimes we are busy and sometimes we have more time to do our own things.

Their is a little thing i want to inform you about and it is coming out in the little story above.
Book your rooms, rentals or whatever you might need in advance. I see the disapointment in the faces of people, which come year after year, that they cannot find their favorite room to stay or use their favorite rental, because they are full booked.

Use the tip for your next trip to Kalymnos.

See you with the next post.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kalymnian aftersummer

We are halfway September right now and the weather is perfect. On Kalymnos you can have from now on a perfect aftersummer. In daytime there is possibilities to get a nice suntan and in the evening it cools down nicely, just enough to get fresh for the next day. Also there are lots of possibilities for activities, like bicycling, hiking and trekking. After this it’s time to relax on a nice beach with a good taverna and delicious food. This period can last until half of November, with a possibility of day with rain in between.

The nature starts to recover from the hot summer, so also for this it’s worth to wander around on our beautiful island. The seawater is nice and warm and it is inviting you for long swims or snorkeling.

September is a good month for the fisherman and this will be shown in the taverna’s, where they have fresh fish on the menu. Try also the local dishes in several different villages and be surprised how tasteful food can be.

Kalymnos is a pleasure to visit it. Don’t hesitate, it will fulfill al your needs, young or old.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer life

Did you ever wanted to visit a real greek island? Well you just found it here. Kalymnos.
Summers are great here, life is great here and when you come for a holiday, you can get a bite of it and taste the real life.

On Kalymnos you will feel the stress of your daily routine slipping away from your shoulders. Take a deep breath and let Kalymnos take you on a tour of its ritme. Once you lived the Kalymnos Experience, you will be infected with "relax virus" and you will never forget it.

Where ever you go on Kalymnos you will feel the hospitality of the people. The serene atmosphere of the area's you visit. Open up your mind for the daily routine of Kalymnos and you will drift around.

Kalymnos is not a popular destination for holiday makers but Kalymnos is visited by thousands of people every year. Amazing enough it can happen that you will still feel you are the only person who is visiting the island. either you found your own beach or just by driving on the roads of Kalymnos, even during the most busy times. And when you meet other tourists you will be surprised by the variety of nationalities. Visitors from over 30 countries explored already before you the island.

Besides of this relaxing life here, Kalymnos can offer you also some exitement, some activities.
Its more then worth it to explore the history of Kalymnos. Visit the museums about the  history of sponge diving. Explore the castles and ruins of the old times.
Explore the island from below the watersurface or from the watersurface.
We have diving schools here, they will take you to the most beautiful places down below.

They can take you for wreack diving or just to explore the caves under water.

Ever thought of going around Kalymnos and having fun with some watertoys? Also this is possible. Imagine yourself on the turqoise blue and cristal clear waters around Kalymnos, while a skipper brings you around.

Well, if you are still not convinced about Kalymnos, then there is only one option left for you. come and see yourself.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kalymnos Culinair

Once you arrived on Kalymnos, you will ask yourself; What about food, where to eat?
Well to start easy, the Greek cuisine is delicious on its own. There is a big variety of dishes to choose.
Of course it depends where you are, mainland or Islands but the variety is immens all over Greece.
Lets speak about Kalymnos.
All over Our island you can find a restaurant to fullfil your needs for good food. I can not give you some names but i will try to explain it anyway.
If you are looking for home made local food, you can visit in Emborios at the end of the village, in Armeos (next to Masouri) or in Ellise square. The dishes are are delight and prepared with lots of love.
If you visit Palionissos, you will meet for sure the owner of the only taverna, he makes the dishes himself.
In Masouri and Pothia you can find a variety of Tavernas from where you have or find all kinds of dishes. There are places where they have fresh good quality of fish or great tasting pizza's. In Melitsagha you find the best fish tavernas of the island. I dont want to forget to tell you that when you are in Vathis, you can find a lot of tavernas around the port, great meals and great atmosphere, you will think by yourself; I want to stay here forever. And our beautiful island of Telendos, on the boulevard, there are so many different kind of tavernas. There are no scooters or cars there and the food and atmosphere are great, you must try it out.
Let me give you a nice advice. Sometimes it is so wonderful to order only from the starters a mix of food. Especially when you are with some friends. Then you have lot of small bites to taste the great stuff they serve on your table.
You have to try the salads as well, always fresh and a nice starter to begin with. Try the Mermezelli, it is a local salad with the dry bread you can only find on Kalymnos.
One of the main dishes you must try is the Mouri, it is lamb from the oven, mainly it is made only during Easter but in some local tavernas you can find all year around, a delight.

Together with your food you have to have a drink of course. In the restaurants they offer you the greatest tastes of wine. But dont underestimate the simple Retsina or Ouzo. Great stuff.

So my tip is: find a nice place, enjoy the view while waiting for your dishes and then KALI OREKSI!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring time in Kalymnos

Welcome to Kalymnos during springtime.

The island is blooming, flowers and green all over the place.
Most of the places are prepairing to be open for Easter holidays.
Climbers and tourists are filling up the rooms and other places.
Beaches prepaired for the sun lovers.
Restaurants will make the most delicious dishes for you.

Easter is coming up with all the prepairations that needs to be done. With as a final result the Dynamite Explosions on the hillside of Agias Savas on Easter Sunday.
Take a look at this video and be amazed.

Next step is the climbing festival on Kalymnos, which will be held from 18 till 22 of May.
Pro's will meet climbers and lots of activities will take place during these days.
And between this two dates, Kalymnos will have a lot of people from different nationalities, Kalymnos is connecting people.

Kalymnos is getting ready for you. Are you ready for the Kalymnos Experience?

Maybe we will see you soon, on Kalymnos.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winters in Kalymnos

Hello Bloggers,
this time i share with you how the winters are in Kalymnos.

A winter on Kalymnos is an experience on itself. From November till the end of March we have the most beautiful periods and the weather can change from rainy days to almost high summer. In December and January we even have a period of 2 weeks with bright sunny warm days.
Kalymnos in the winter can be a good escape from the cold in the North of Europe, is easy to reach with direct flights to Kos and Kalymnos can give you the little break you needed so much. Even for a long weekend away, Kalymnos is in a good reach for the most of you.
Kalymnos in the winter is a green island, herbs and flowers are all over the place.
Maybe it seems like a bit desolated in the tourist center Masouri but if you look well around, there is always a good place to satisfy your hunger and a nice place to sleep.

Let me show you by some photos, how it is here in winter.
Just only for the beautiful view in winter.

A climbing day on the 7th of January

On Telendos in february.

Very good quality food in Pothia

And believe it or not but this is on the 11th of March. The sea is even good to take a swim and i am taking my moment to relax.....
As you see, nice winters we have. But dont worrie, it can rain as well and sometimes it will be cold also.
See you next winter on Kalymnos??????

Friday, January 28, 2011

kalymnos is a beautiful place to take photo's

Kalymnos is a place where you can take the most beautiful pictures. From old places to beautiful panoramic views. And speaking about sunsets, they are the most perfect ones, summer and winter. See the video and be surprised.

Monday, January 3, 2011

traveling to Kalymnos?

Here at this links, most of your questions will be answered.

Planning a trip to Kalymnos is very simple. You can wait for the charter flights directly to Kos in the period from May till end of October, or try the low-cost carriers like ryan-air or easy-jet if you travel outside this season.
There are so many options and i would be glad to help you out.
For any questions, send me an email;

2011 the year of climbing on Kalymnos

i want to welcome you on Kalymnos in 2011. If it is not for climbing, then just come to relax.
Kalymnos is the destination to be!!!!!!