Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer holidays on Kalymnos

Holidays on Kalymnos are great as well. The island is the place to relax.

The authentic atmosphere and the hospitality is what you make you feel welcome here.

Whatever you are looking for in your holiday, you can find it here. It doesn't matter if you are young or old.

Let me name a few items for what you can find here. Nice beaches with sand or pebbles, crowed or just a privat beach for you only. You can do sports like diving, hiking or mountainbiking or you can just sit and relax where ever you want to sit. Drive around the island and see the different kind of area's that the island offers. There are musea in all kind., telling you the history of Kalymnos. Visit some caves or visit the neighbour small island on a traditional boat.

Visit in the evening the main town Pothia and stroll along the boulevard in the port, in the mean time you will feel the vibes of the greek lifestyle.

If you want a full day of complete relaxation and serenity, you should visit Telendos. There are no cars and bikes there and you can have great lunches or even sunset dinners there.
Kalymnos gives you and your family the holiday you needed. Give it a try and find yourself compleet recovered from your daily life at home.

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