Saturday, May 22, 2010

climbing Kalymnos

Climbing and Stay on Kalymnos.

Climbing on Kalymnos became an item in the world. People from all over the world are here to hit the rocks and climb the routes of their skills. There are many routes in many grades. Children and very old people are climbing here as well. Routes in french grades from 4 till 9.
Sport climbers, fun climbers, deep water solo, multi pitches everything you can find here.
There is about 1660 routes in about 80 sectors on the island (updates availlable at Best Moto).

Places to Stay.
The most central area to stay is Masouri. You will be close to a part of the sectors. For other sectors you need a scooter or a car. Around Masouri you will find rooms, studios and appartments. Also some hotels of course. At Masouri you will also find the tavernas, minimarkets and shops for your daily needs.

Since you arrived on Kalymnos you want to have some information but where to get it from?
Well very simple, you can get from everywhere but........ there are only a few places where you get the real information. Some bars and other places pretend that they are climbers and can tell you what you need to know. There are just a few places where they give you the real time information. This owners of this places are really involved in the climbing scene, they are out climbing almost every day if their jobs are allowing it. Try it at Glaros Bar, Best Moto, Climbers Nest. Of course ask also the other climbers you meet for their opinion.

Other things to do then only climbing.
If you have a day off from climbing and you want to to do something different, go and make a tour on the island. There is so much to see.
Kalymnos is devided in "3" parts. The touristic zone, where the also the climbing areas are. The "local" zone which is Panormos, Chora and Pothia. The "green Valley" zone, where they grow the fruits and vegetables.
The local zone is the busiest on the island. Here you can find all the shops, musea, bars and also the old streets and much more to see. Its worth it to go around here and feel the vibes of the Kalymnian life style.
The green zone is on the other side of the island. The calm and serene valley offers you a glimsp of agricultural life in greece. Littlle villages in where the people live in harmony. There are nice side seeings like ancient areas and you can go for a hike around.
All around on Kalymnos are nice secluded beaches. Some of them you can only reach by boat or by a hike. Some of the other beaches are busy and there you find sunbeds and tavernas to relax from your climbing days.
You are still in sporty mood? Go for a dive, rent a kayak or canoe. Take one of the routes for hiking and explore the hills on Kalymnos. Visit Telendos and enjoy the calm and peacefull atmosphere without the noise of cars and bikes.

Kalymnos, so much to offer........

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